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Creative Writing Prompts – Introducing Fiction Friday

Welcome to the first installation of Fiction Friday. Once a week the MtP staff will provide a creative writing prompt designed to stretch your brain muscle. Now, you might be thinking, “But why? There are so many other prompts out there!” We hope you aren’t thinking that, but if you are, we have an answer. Originally we wanted to provide links to sites already providing good writing prompts, but as we discovered, it’s actually quite challenging to find quality exercises for fictional writing, aside from one. (Reddit, I’m looking at you.)

Aside from Reddit, we found a lot of non-fiction “tell-us-about-a-time-when-you” type prompts, but we really wanted to see more fiction love. If to become a better athlete you must exercise and train, then it follows that an exercise routine is needed for our craft too. Insert Fiction Friday. The hope is that you’ll be able to revisit these prompts over and over again, that you will stretch as a writer, and that you’ll read some pretty neat scribbles done by other pretty neat people as well. We will share, once a week, a hand crafted writing exercise prompt for you to finish throughout the week- and we’ll focus on four different areas of our craft, so you’ll always be stretching your brain muscles. Your goal is one thousand words. Once a week. That’s only 143 words a day. You can definitely do that.

If you are already a member of MtP, meet us in the forums to share your work, or comment below with your response. You can either paste the whole thing (if it fits), or you can tease us with an excerpt and a link back to your personal writing space. Now go on and tell us a story!


Character exploration. First person or third person is acceptable. Your main character is located in a remote cabin in the wilderness. Spend the next 1000 or so words describing a typical morning for your main character. Why your character is here is completely up to you. What does your character look forward to? What are they thankful for? What are their morning habits?

No matter what you’ve written so far, once you hit 500 words, there is an incredible crash. It’s so momentous that the furniture shakes and dishes even shatter. How does this character react?

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