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Fiction Friday – The Same But Different


Set the scene. Let’s start today’s exercise thinking about what life would be like if certain events had yielded different results- the events can be as little or as extreme as you want. For instance, perhaps Blockbuster did take Netflix’s offer to partner instead of going bottom’s up and closing down all their stores. What if a different president had been elected? What if wars ended differently? What if the Americans didn’t land on the moon first, or at all? What if we never made the car?

Now how can we engage our readers in a world that is eerily similar to their own and clue them in- without spelling it out on the page and slapping them in the face with it? Can you subtly hint at this alternate world without revealing something a character in that world wouldn’t know? Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to describe this world with all the subtlety and verve you can muster. Now, go on and tell us a story.

Bonus points! for choosing to take the more difficult route and making the world only slightly different OR for knowing how this change effects your plot & why it’s important.

You have until next Friday, so do try to hit the 1k mark. This is brain strength training, after all. (It’s only 143 words a day.) If you don’t hit 1k, don’t beat yourself up, and please still share it! 700, 500, or 300 words is still better than 0, we’re proud that you’re writing- and you should be too.

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