It’s exciting to share a story idea with someone. Bounce ideas around until they transform into an adventure worth penning.


Every new addition prompts you to stretch your literary muscle & contribute fresh words in a relatively short time period. It’s perfect practice!


Find yourself eager to log in and see what your fellow writers have written, & what new possibilities for your story have unfolded.


You become a better writer when surrounded by your craft. Creativity flows readily & you’ll find yourself warmed up for tackling your own stories.

Collaboration Is Awesome

Sometimes writers entangle themselves in their own words. Everything must be perfect the first time around, so we stare at a screen plotting perfect prose instead of writing and before we know it- writing isn’t fun & we avoid it. Our goal is to write a thousand words a day, just as an exercise. No stressing about the perfect plot or the perfect words. Once we write like this, let go, it becomes easy to write more than a thousand words a day. Creating becomes fun again. And when suddenly your realize you’ve hit 60k words in one month writing for fun with five friends, you’ll feel mighty accomplished. Writing everyday will make you better, and you will improve while surrounded by your craft. At Minus The Papercuts we write together or apart, share ideas or novel drafts, & ask for critiques and input. We share, learn, grow- & most importantly we write.








Words Written

“Get it down. Take chances. It may be bad, but it’s the only way you can do anything really good.”
– William Faulkner

  • We were quiet for a moment while the end of our conversation hung in the air. I had expected some dramatic twist of events or some swelling music, but all I had was a light breeze and Aubrey chewing on a biscuit.

    Lucky, The Extraordinary Dirty Biscuits
  • Cold seemed to seep through the bricks. She wished for a blanket. Her stomach rumbled, and she wished for a meal. He has sent me to prison, she told herself. I will die here.

    Willow, Bedlam
  • “It’s been so dark lately…” Zack pressed his palm to the glass until the heat from his hand produced a faint, foggy outline on the reinforced pane. Believing that you’re crazy leaves very little room for hope. He needed hope.

    Coeus, Phase

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